Your Personal Wealth – Winter 2020

Touching Stock Market Chart

Welcome to the Winter Edition of Personal Wealth. This lock down situation and all of the current and inevitable consequences will be the conversation at dinner tables for many years to come. Many will be the stories, both good and bad that we have all endured. Perhaps it had made us realise how fortunate we have been; to live in this wonderful land and with our family and friends close by or electronically so.


This newsletter reveals the extent of the Gambler mindset. Since most of the available avenues for betting (horses, dogs and football) have been unavailable, punters have taken to the Share market with the usual outcomes. Investing is a long, slow, grinding process with many ups and downs along the way. Rarely are there any quick gains. And even if there are, the Tax man wants his share! Caution and prudence are the necessary attributes to long term wealth accumulation.


There have been some extraordinary advances in the search for a general solution to the Virus pandemic. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has allowed scientists to rapidly research all the permutations and combinations of the various drugs and protocols that could provide a solution. And hopefully, we can all return to a somewhat normal life much sooner than anticipated.


In closing, we have been working long and hard to ensure our clients have been assisted through this trying period. There have been many challenging situations to deal with. We trust we have made some positive contribution to your situation.

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